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Today I’ve published a short article about art, subsidies, and quality standards in the Dutch daily De Volkskrant . What is ‘good’ and ‘bad’ art? In short: the difference cannot be determined on the basis of intrinsic or objective features of an art work. What is good/bad is decided in a network of persons, most of them quite influential in the art worlds.

Pop venues in Rotterdam sound the alarm: the austerity politics of the local authorities will result in a disaster for the pop climate in the city. Read more here (in Dutch).

Making music with musical jelly. Read here an article about this topic (in Dutch).

Mihailo Antovic, a linguist and visiting researcher at Case Western Reserve University, proposes that our musical conceptualization brings together a world of different people.
He found the commonality among children of distinct ethnic backgrounds and languages in his home of Serbia, and he’s now testing whether the same can be found among English-speaking, Serbian-speaking and seeing-impaired children in the U.S.
See article.

On February 13, 2012, the Dutch daily NRC published an article about musical tear-jerkers and a scientific explanation of this phenomenon. Such as a result of the Grammy Awards success of singers like Adele.